Total beginner: Never flown before

This one is easy! The Syma is the best drone for beginners. Novices from 8 years old to 60 years old will love this nearly crash-proof drone. While a beginner drone, it is stable, can go a few hundred feet and has around a 9-minute hover time. It has a built-in camera It's the perfect toy-class drone to introduce anyone to the hobby.
$45 on Amazon

If you are budget oriented, but still want a professional-quality drone, you have great news! Since the DJI Mavic came out, the older DJI drones--specifically the DJI Phantom 3 has come down in price. While the Mavic is the current champion, the Phantom is still packed full of next-generation tech. This will be a top-of-the-line drone for years to come. And with this recent price-drop, it beats the Mavic in dollar-to-value ratio.
$457.99 on Amazon

The DJI Mavic is on every big boy's Christmas list. Look, if you have $1000 to spend on a drone, this is the one everyone wants for Christmas. It is the latest action-photography drone from the drone powerhouse, DJI. This thing has all sorts of cool features: return-home functions, silk-smooth video, first person flying, a reported range of several miles...I could go on, but it boils down to the fact that this is the drone on everyone's wishlist.
$999 on Amazon

The Hubsan boasts a live video feed. It's small but zips around pretty fast. At $100, it's about as cheap as you can get when it comes to first-person-view flying
$99.99 on Amazon

For racing pilots and builders

Have no idea what you're builder wants? Builders always love having the best components for new builds, as well as replacement parts

EMAX Red Bottom motor set for building racing drones (2205 2300KV). This is the foundation for every build. Red Bottom Emax rotors are to drones what BMWs are to cars; what Louis Buttons are to women's shoes
$79.98 on Amazon

4S Lipo Battery. Batteries are the life-blood of flying. You can never get too many batteries. In fact, you can just buy a bunch of these and your pilot will love it. This is an expensive battery, but arguably the best quality. 4-cell, 75C discharge rate, 1300MAH capacity. NOTE: These are go-fast batteries.
$26.99 on Amazon

Foxeer ARROW mini FPV Camera rates highest on image quality and light processing. Yes, you can find cheaper cameras, but this is the kind of thing builders would buy if money isn't an option
$49.88 on Amazon

FatShark FPV goggles. These are the gold standard in FPV flying. NOTE: If you're buying for a pilot that already has goggles, then you'll need to ask if he/she needs these. This isn't like the other gift ideas, where you can buy and they'll use it no matter what
$200-$500 on Amazon

Carbon Fiber drone frame. Even if your builder has ten drones, they always need new frames to build on. Buy this, and say "For your next build." This is a 210mm frame meant for 5-inch props, and comes with a power distribution board. Perfect for racing-class drones

Propellers. This is a stocking stuffer. Pilots burn through propellers like crazy. The purpose isn't to buy the best props, but replacements for the daily crashes. Buy these and say "so you can fly more without taking a break." NOTE: The propellers linked here are 5 inch props. Verify the size of prop your pilot uses before buying

Racing drones for beginners (FPV drones)

Still new to this hobby but the goal is racing

Eachine Racer

Comes with everything you need to start racing, including video monitor. This is the easiest racing kit you can buy

Walkera F210 FPV Racing Drone

This little guy is fast. Comes with Devo 7 controller + Battery + FPV Camera + OSD + Charger. Only down side is it does not come with a monitor. You can still fly it, of course

ARRIS 250 Racing Drone

Like the other ready-to-fly drones, this comes with an FPV camera and controller, and is ready to fly out of the box. Even builders will enjoy this drone because it is upgradable. It has a 2205 2300KV motor and BLHeli 20A ESC (even if you don't know what that means, don't worry; your builder will, and they'll appreciate this)

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