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What is the most life altering quote you've ever heard or read?

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A miloiln thanks for posting this information.


For one, just end it. Tell the other man that you had fun but you feel the two of you need to concentrate on your own maaiergrs tell him that you are feeling guilty which means you do love your husband. He will probably understand and even respect you for it. I see in your other question hes married, too so ask him, how would his wife feel if she knew about the steamy letters the two of you share? Suggest to him to work on his marriage, too . he may just agree You obviously love your husband. Let him know you love him and let him know you are scared where your marriage is going. Let him know you like it when other men flirt with you that it makes you feel like a woman tell him thats the way he use to make you feel and you miss it and tell him you want him to be in love and lust with you again I would like to advise you to seek counseling for yourself so that you can learn how to talk to your husband and explain how you feel.. maybe theres unmet needs you dont know how to share with him. The counselor can also help you with your feelings of being un-attractive and help your self esteem. Perhaps marital counseling would be a great benefit as well. The two of you need time together to explore one another again. I dont know how long you have been married, but sometimes people grow apart in two different directions instead of one. Im glad to see you dont want to be in different directions anymore. Let him know this. Just talk to you your husband. I would not tell him about the emotional affair since it didnt get physical and was basically just a bunch of flirting. It would just hurt him and make him withdrawl even more. (Personally- I like it when a man flirts with me it reminds me I am still attractive just cant let it cloud your mind. I even tell my husband when a man flirts with me because it makes him more possessive and reminds him I am still hot tee hee!)How do you fix it? By not going back to it. Leave it in the past. Dont do it again. Prevent it from happening again. How? By recognizing the feelings that you have been feeling from the get go- surely theres some red flags when you get all giddy about being perceived as hot! Take the compliment and go on. Dont fall prey to it again. going to counseling can help you with this.Admiting it was wrong is half the battle won.


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