What words did you pronounce a certain way in your head while reading only to find out you were COMPLETELY wrong in real life? - uqpu.net

What words did you pronounce a certain way in your head while reading only to find out you were COMPLETELY wrong in real life?

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your in your mid 20 s so your suppose to be old enguoh to make choices with ur life that atleast take half a brain to come up with the answer.. YOU chose to marry him knowing these things.. you made that decision no one forced u into it.. so now u need to learn to work through this.. I knew a couple that were dating on the internet.. and although they were commited to each other through the internet the guy was getting sick of waiting wondering if she'd ever really come cause he was trusting in her that she was infact going to come but kept stalling or having reasons to put off coming to the point that he considered having sex with someone else because it was a year and a half since they had met online, and lets face it a year and a half of no sex is alot to ask of anyone, but let alone someone that u've never met fact to face.. so maybe thats what happened with ur guy, maybe he started to lose faith that u'd eventually move to be with him and he made a bad choice.. i doubt if it was anything but sex..and now that u are with him.. and now married to him.. has he given u any reason to believe that he'd cheat on u now? Since Oct.. and this whole thing with this chic came to light, has he done anything to make you feel insecure? is he hiding things? is he constantly late? is he still contacting her? is he trying his butt off to make u see that he loves u and only u and wants to be only with u??????? crap happens, but his true commitment wasnt made till the day he said I do to u.. and if from this moment on for the next 50 years he loves u and is true to u wouldnt it be worth it? so give him a chance, if he screws it up again, go back home and chalk it up to a huge mistake.. but u chose to marry him, so u chose to give him this chance to prove to you that he can forsake all others and be true to only you.. so dont be blind.. but have faith that he wouldnt of gone to all the trouble of marrying u if he truely didnt want to be with u .. if he wanted her , he could of been with her, but he chose u in the end so give ur marriage a fair shake.. try and put this behind u and look forward.. until he gives u a reason not to trust in your marriage and your vows..To your edit.. really doesnt change things.. ur the idiot that chose to still marry him knowing all of this.. so u need to own up to the choices u've made and be accountable for your own actions.. marriage vows are not to be taken lightly and the fact that u still proceeded to marry this guy and a month later ur thinking it was a mistake , just shows how stupid and immature u really are.. he didnt trick u , you have your own brain to bad u dont know how to use it..

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