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What conspiracies do you feel might actually be true?

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Hi!I have been reading your blog (and wnichtag your videos) for a while.I just would like to discuss a little bit your comments on Argentinean economics.The reasons you gave to explain Argentinean bad economic situation are, in my opinion, plain, too simple and a little offending Of course I know that you really don't think those 2 simple reasons are the whole problem of Argentina, that there is much more to it and you simply scaped it (you don't have a political/economic blog anyway).I am from Spain, one of the countries in the European Union with biggest economic growth in the last years. Maybe not to the extreme of Argentina, in Spain we do live late. We start working, school in general at 9 am. We have lunch at 2 pm (the earliest). We have dinner between 9 30 pm and 11. We go out to clubs at 1 am and we come back home at 3, 5 or (why not?) 7 am And we still keep growing and developing our economy.Of course you have people who don't go out too much, others that spend their whole lives partying but in general people go out during the weekends and work during the week.If there is some reasons that I know that make Argentina a economical mess, these are:-Big recent crisis in the country (the situation before wasn't perfect, at all, specially during the dictatorship, but it wasn't as critical as it is now that all the pressure they kept accumulating before 1999 fell on them ).-A highly corrupted political class.-A very bad management of their resources.-A crazy-big foreign debt (which comes from the bad management and the corruption).-And so on and on and on For more information go over .Now that I live in the US, I understand a different system, as the one in Argentina, can seem inefficient (and in the Argentinean case it's proven it not to be efficient at all). But sometimes different works too Anyway, keep the grate work! C u soon


I hope isn't late to make my comment, ok all those comemnts make me feel really great about my experience in Ilmenau, I didn't come whit Erasmus scholarship, I came whit a DAAD one from Mexico.This was the first time a meet many people from other parts of the world, I'm really glad that i took from here really true friends on my hearth and that I'll also never forget them.At the beginnin my first impression was the same as yours, I saw Ilmenau almost as a Farm or something like that, then I realized that the University has many things to offer, the student life is such so nice here, and the party times will also never miss.I really gonna miss Ilmenau and all the people I knew here.


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Ilmenau, Himmel blau Ok, it's usually grey, not blue, but noeethnless beautiful. Even though it looks small/boring/unexciting at the beginning, you will soon realise that first impressions are not always right.I'm already here for 5 months and decided to stay for another semester. That is the ultimate prove that I enjoy it here and that Erasmus in Ilmenau is to be taken into consideration.I've learned more about relationships, about making new friends and about living together with other people in the past few months than in my entire life. Ilmenau has sure had it's mark on my life and I've changed a lot since I'm here.The only piece of advice I can give to any young student is to apply for an Erasmus scholarship. It's totally worth it!


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